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Orientation and Gradual Entry

The Administrative Early Childhood Educator shares all pertinent information with families prior to beginning enrollment. All forms must be complete prior to the first day of enrolment.

1st Day

Parent and child may stay for a short time together, at the discretion of the Administrative Director (usually between 8:30-10 :30 a.m.).

2nd Day

Child comes for the morning. Parent leaves at returns at 11:45 a.m. to have lunch with and then leave with the child.

3rd Day

Child may be left through to 3:00 p.m.(after the rest period). Please let the staff know if your child is a napper or not.

4th Day

If s/he has adapted to the routine, s/he may begin a full-day program.



  • Fees of $1395 are due on the first day of the month payable to KACCS.
  • Post-dated cheques May 1 through April 30. No cash please.
  • All NSF cheques must be repaid within five working days, including the service charge of $20.00.
  • Agreement and compliance with the terms of this web site are expected and as such, if fees or charges are not paid within the required time, your child's enrollment may be cancelled.
  • Annual tax receipts are issued upon request.
  • There is an annual fee increase each May to cover operating expenses.


To be considered for child care subsidy refer to the Provincial Government Blue Pages Tel Directory or us and locate the nearest Ministry of Children and Families office. You may be eligible for subsidy.

The Ministry worker will provide a completed form to you and a copy will be sent to the Centre if you are eligible for subsidy. The form needs to be received by the Administrative Early Childhood Educator in order to initiate the process of collecting the funds.

If you do not have an authorization but are in the process of getting an appointment, you will be expected to pay the full amount of the fees and any amount of the fees and any amount of overpayment once subsidy has been calculated will be returned to you as quickly as possible.

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