Kitsilano Area Child Care Society
2041 West 6th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 1R8 (map)


We photograph children at play. If you do not wish to have pictures taken of your child to be placed on the walls for display or for our website, please let us know in writing.


Part of every day is spent participating in a variety of art and play activities both indoor and outdoor (rain or shine). Children should wear washable, comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather and messy activities. The following labelled articles of clothing and items need to be kept at the Centre:

  • A complete change of clothing
  • Skid-proof, comfortable shoes for outside and a separate pair for inside
  • Boots
  • Rain gear including rain proof pants
  • Summer attire includes a hat and other sun protective clothing and sunscreen, if desired, must be put on the child by the family in the morning and the staff will apply in the afternoon


We encourage children to use our equipment but if children want to bring toys such as soft, stuffed toys (maximum of 2) from home, they must be labelled. Please don’t bring any hard toys that may promote poor play habits that negatively impact the social/emotional health of any child. If in doubt, please speak with the senior staff directly. We cannot be responsible for lost toys.


Food is an important part of your child’s day. Staff members will not force a child to eat but will provide encouragement and sufficient time to eat. The daycare provides a hot lunch program and afternoon snack. Families provide morning snack and fruit and/or vegetables. It is imperative that parents let teachers know if your child has allergies or potential allergies. These must be documented in the registration material. Please no candy, chocolate or gum at daycare.

Field Trips

Excursions are carefully planned and supervised. Families are informed prior to excursions taking place with the exception of short walks within the immediate neighbourhood.

Rest Time

All children participate in a 30-40 minute rest period in the main rooms. Those who need a longer sleep will use a quieter space. Prior to and following the 30-40 minute rest period children will be given books.


You are welcome to bring a treat (not too sugary) for the rest of the group in order to celebrate your child’s birthday. We can discuss various options with you at the time if you wish.

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