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Unauthorized Persons Entering the Site

Authorized visitors and community partners will be welcomed in the centre with the consent of the Board, Administrative ECE or at the discretion of the regular staff on site.

Unauthorized visitors will not be allowed to visit the Centre. The senior staff member will be responsible for addressing this situation, however, all staff members and parents/guardians are requested to inform the senior staff member when a visitor is on the premises, including the outdoor area. The senior staff member will explain the policy and rationale for the policy. The senior staff member will invite the visitor to attend the program at a more suitable time. The senior staff member will ask the visitor to leave the premises immediately. If the visitor does not comply with the request to leave, the senior staff member will ask a second time, and if the request is not complied with the senior staff member will call the police for assistance.

Custody Access Agreements

If the parents have agreed to live separately, Kitsilano Area Child Care Society will assume that the information from the enrolling parent will be followed.

If custody has not been legally determined and conflict between the parents/guardians and/or other family members is evident, Kitsilano Area Child Care Centre may not be able to care for the child unless both parents and/or other family members sign a written agreement confirming details regarding authorization for pickup and access to information about the child.

If a family has a custody or court order, a copy must be placed in the child's file, and details about all arrangements contained in the legal documents will be followed at all times. Staff members will call the police if assistance is required to enforce a custody or court order.

Verbal and written information about the child will be shared with the non-enrolling parent/guardian only when agreed upon.

Policies and Practices Regarding Pick-up of a Child

Unauthorized Pick-up

If an unauthorized person arrives to pick up a child, the child will remain under the supervision of the staff. The staff member in charge will speak with this individual and explain the policy that no child will be released without written authorization from the enrolling family. In an emergency, verbal permission via the telephone (along with a code word) will be allowed from the enrolling family as long as the parent/guardian confirms information about this person (name, address, telephone number and relationship to the child) and the pick-up person presents photo identification to verify the information. Staff will document the call and the information shared. All reasonable efforts will be made to ensure the safety of the children and the employees. If necessary the staff member in charge may need to call the police for assistance. Children under the age of 12 are not authorized to pick up.

Late Pick-up of a Child

Children will only be released to those who are listed on the registration records. If a child is not picked up by 5:45 p.m. and the authorized pick-up person or enrolling family has not called, the staff member will call the family and then someone from the authorized pick-up list for that child. If all efforts are unsuccessful, the staff member in charge will call the Ministry for Children and Families by 8 p.m. If late pick-up is a repeated problem, the Administrative Early Childhood Educator and the enrolling parent/guardian will meet to try to address the problem. If unresolved, then six weeks notice may be given and termination of services implemented.

Late charges apply to families when a child is picked up after 5:45 p.m. The charge for a late pick-up is $10.00 for every five minute period and payable within 24 hours.

A child will not be taken out of the Centre by the staff member at the end of the day and unless authorized by a parent/guardian a child will never be sent home in a taxi.

When a Guardian Appears to be Unable to Offer Safe Care

It is the employee’s legal responsibility to the extent that this is possible, not to release a child to an authorized person who is unable to adequately care for the child. If a teacher believes that a child will be at risk, the teacher in charge will offer to call a relative or friend to pick up the person and the child or contact the Ministry for Children and Families.

If the person is driving a vehicle, the staff member will explain that driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is against the law and staff members are obligated to ensure the safety and well being of the children and adult. If the presumed adult does not wish to listen to this reason then the teacher is obliged to call the police.

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